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Workplace Wellbeing

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Throughout your journey in developing your Healthy Workplace wellbeing programme, you will have prioritised wellbeing topics that your employees and your organisation find particularly important.

This section provides information, tools and resources, national strategies, workplace policy-building tools, and community links specific to these key wellbeing areas.

Understanding that individuals are inextricably linked with their environments, the information contained within each wellbeing area is offered in a way that addresses multiple levels. We offer guidance on actions that can be taken at the organisational level and at the level of your individual employees. The most successful initiatives address components at each of these levels.

CIPD Wellbeing Pyramid. Top tier: Engagement. Middle tier: Well-being. Bottom tier: Culture, Leadership, and People Management.
CIPD Wellbeing Pyramid

Individual initiatives should always be implemented within the context of a Healthy Workplace.

You may come to notice that many wellbeing areas are intertwined. For example, Smoking and Alcohol and Drug campaigns can be connected with stress management and mental health supports.

Likewise, nutrition and physical activity can have implications on mental health. In this way it’s important to make each individual initiative part of a broader workplace wellness programme that is part of the organisation’s strategic plan. Indeed, this is shown in the evidence to improve success and sustainability of workplace wellness efforts.

Furthermore, an overall workplace culture that encourages employee participation in wellness initiatives is integral to engagement and success. In other words, these individual initiatives should always be implemented in the context of a Healthy Workplace.

The Get Started portal of this website provides all the information you need to create your Healthy Workplace.

Lastly, it’s important to consider Ireland’s Wellbeing Framework. This framework outlines 11 key wellbeing dimensions that are integral to living healthy and fulfilled lives.

Wellbeing Framework for Ireland's 11 wellbeing areas.
11 Wellbeing areas from the Ireland’s Wellbeing Framework

As you can see, the workplace plays a role in each of these wellbeing areas and is therefore crucial to the wellbeing of the people in Ireland. Our recommendations aim to thread through as many of these wellbeing dimensions as possible so that the time your employees spend at work, is a time of encouraging and protecting their wellbeing.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Good mental health sets the foundation for our overall sense of wellbeing; it is the lens through which we experience our lives and underpins our perceptions and our behaviours. Mental …

Spoon, apple, and fork

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is one of the pillars of health and wellbeing, and the workplace can often be the place where employees eat most of their food, making it an ideal …


Physical Activity

A workforce that is regularly active is a workforce with lowered risk of chronic conditions such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Exercise has also been shown to improve mood …


Alcohol and Drugs

An alcohol and drug free workplace is a safer, more productive workplace with lowered risk of chronic disease and mental health difficulties in your workforce. Apart from the legal duty …



Creating a smoke-free workplace protects the health of all workers. Smoking and second-hand smoke is a leading risk factor for many chronic diseases. Apart from the legal duty to protect …


Health and Safety

It is important to note that the standards on workplace wellbeing referenced on this site are voluntary and not required by law. Statutory requirements do exist which ensure employers provide …


Get Active Your Way!

A valuable resource developed by Get Ireland Active and Healthy Ireland to help get you feeling and looking good by being active.

Know Your Numbers

This resource from Healthy Ireland and the HSE encourages you to reflect on your current lifestyle behaviours. A change to how you live your life can reduce your chances of developing diabetes, cancer, heart disease and lung disease and other …

Happy Heart Healthy Eating Award

This is a unique health promotion programme created by the Irish Heart Foundation in the mid-1990s. Through the award programme, catering facilities in healthcare services are assisted and supported to adopt healthier cooking practices and provide healthier food choices without …

Guidance for Managing Drug and Alcohol Misuse at Work

This CIPD website offers practical guidance for employers and line managers on how to manage and support employees, including advice on policy, training and links to further resources. Download their free resources and view their key recommendations here.

Critical Incident Stress Management

CISM is an intervention protocol developed specifically for dealing with traumatic events. It is a formal, highly structured and professionally recognised process for helping those involved in a critical incident to share their experiences, vent emotions, learn about stress reactions …

State Claims Agency

The State Claims Agency resolves personal injury and third-party property damage claims against State Authorities, as delegated to us by Government. We also provide related risk management services, advising and assisting State Authorities in seeking to reduce or prevent future …

Work Positive CI

Work PositiveCI is a FREE easy to use, innovative, confidential, psychosocial risk management process. It provides feedback on workplace stressors, employee psychological wellbeing and critical incident exposure in the workplace. It delivers structured guidance enabling organisations to develop an action plan …

Health and Safety Authority

The State Claims Agency resolves personal injury and third-party property damage claims against State Authorities, as delegated to us by Government. We also provide related risk management services, advising and assisting State Authorities in seeking to reduce or prevent future …


The Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI) is the professional organisation for dietitians in Ireland representing almost 800 Dietitians and Student Dietitians nationwide. The INDI sets national standards for undergraduate dietetic programmes, dietetic placements, and graduate degree practice programmes.

Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery

The vision of this national drug strategy is to create a “healthier and safer Ireland, where public health and safety is protected and the harms caused to individuals, families and communities by substance misuse are reduced and every person affected …

Policy Templates has a comprehensive listing of policy templates to help you create your own. If you scroll down to section 3. Service Provision Policies, you’ll find a few templates relevant to this wellbeing area.