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This website aims to be the one-stop-shop for everything you need to make your workplace a Healthy Workplace

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A National Framework for Healthy Workplaces in Ireland

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Workplaces directly influence the physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing of workers and in turn, the health of their families, communities and society. With more than two million people employed in Ireland, the workplace offers an ideal setting and infrastructure to support the promotion of health to a large audience.

Recognising the enormous potential of the workplace as a setting to encourage population health, a government-led, multi-sectoral collaboration was undertaken to develop the National Framework for Healthy Workplaces. The Framework sets out the roadmap for supporting the growth of effective approaches to enhancing health and wellbeing in the workplace setting.

Changes in the culture, policies and practices in workplaces lead to improvements in physical and mental health and wellbeing and work-life balance. Healthy workers are more efficient, energetic, alert and better able to manage stress. When employee health is managed well, staff engagement increases and sick leave decreases. Thus, a considerable amount of ill-health amongst the working population is preventable. In this way, the Framework aims to lay out the path to improve the health of Ireland’s workers.

This website aims to bring the framework to life by facilitating the sharing of experience and learning, and also by providing the necessary supports and practical resources to create a healthy workplace where employees and organisations can flourish.

This website aims to be the one-stop-shop for everything you need to make your workplace a Healthy Workplace. It is a website for all: small, medium and large organisations; public and private; members of staff from Wellness/Health Promotion, Human Resources, Occupational Health, Health & Safety, decision-makers in senior management, and employees hoping to champion a Healthy Workplace.

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Wellbeing Areas

Mental Health

Mental Health

Good mental health sets the foundation for our overall sense of wellbeing; it is the lens through which we experience our lives and underpins our perceptions and our behaviours. Mental …

Spoon, apple, and fork

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is one of the pillars of health and wellbeing, and the workplace can often be the place where employees eat most of their food, making it an ideal …


Physical Activity

A workforce that is regularly active is a workforce with lowered risk of chronic conditions such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Exercise has also been shown to improve mood …


Alcohol and Drugs

An alcohol and drug free workplace is a safer, more productive workplace with lowered risk of chronic disease and mental health difficulties in your workforce. Apart from the legal duty …



Creating a smoke-free workplace protects the health of all workers. Smoking and second-hand smoke is a leading risk factor for many chronic diseases. Apart from the legal duty to protect …


Health and Safety

It is important to note that the standards on workplace wellbeing referenced on this site are voluntary and not required by law. Statutory requirements do exist which ensure employers provide …

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