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Sharing the Vision: a Mental Health Policy for Everyone

Ireland’s national mental health policy aims to enhance the provision of mental health services and supports across a broad continuum, from mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention to acute and specialist mental health service delivery, during the period 2020-2030.

HSA’s Guidance on Night & Shift Work

Ireland’s Health and Safety Authority developed a guide to assist employers and employees and others to comply with health and safety legislation and in doing so minimise any adverse effects of night and shift work.

HSE NOSP’s Connecting for Life Training

The HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) is involved in a range of education and training initiatives encompassing suicide prevention and mental health promotion. Such initiatives have been identified as key components of work to achieve the vision of …

See Change

See Change has developed a six step pledge programme to help Irish workplaces create an open culture around mental health and play a role in challenging mental health stigma. This organisational-level programme, along with the individual-level supports that See Change …

CIPD Resources

The Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development has various resources to help you support your employees’ mental health.

Connecting for Life

Ireland’s National Strategy to Reduce Suicide aims to better understand suicidal behaviour and improve quality and access to integrated services while supporting communities to prevent and respond to suicidal behaviour.

Mercer Financial Wellness Solutions

Mercer has programmes to help organisations develop a financial wellness programme that focuses on engaging employees throughout their lives, with an emphasis on guiding them towards action.

Harmonics Financial Wellness Programmes

Harmonics Financial offers a range of financial wellness programmes designed to support and guide employees in every area of their finances while also promoting a culture of wellness and optimism.