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Support to QUIT

The best thing you can do for your health is not to smoke or vape. The HSE offers free support and advice on options that help with nicotine withdrawal.

Tobacco-Free Campus

The HSE has a detailed Tobacco Free Campus Implementation Guidance Document that outlines how to make your working environment safer for your employees and anyone who visits your workplace.

Quit Plan

This HSE programme can help you quit smoking. Sign up to a QUIT plan – QUIT smoking for 28 days and start taking back control.

HSE – Health promotion publications

Create a free account with the HSE’s Health Promotion publications and gain access to a comprehensive database of posters, infographics and documents for various health and wellbeing topics targeted to various audiences.

Posters and Infographics

The HSE produce and distribute a wide range of health related resources. You can use this database to find relevant information for your topic of interest and then download or order them online.