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Happy Heart Healthy Eating Award

This is a unique health promotion programme created by the Irish Heart Foundation in the mid-1990s. Through the award programme, catering facilities in healthcare services are assisted and supported to adopt healthier cooking practices and provide healthier food choices without …

Healthy Meeting Guidelines

This poster summarises Healthy Ireland’s guidelines to help you prepare for meetings and offers practical suggestions on providing healthy food options and physical activity.

Healthy Vending

The HSE Vending Policy 2019 applies to all vending machines that stock cold soft drinks, confectionery and snacks on HSE premises & premises funded by the HSE. The self-audit toolkit supports service managers and staff to monitor the implementation of …

Healthy Catering Ideas

This resource is from the South Australian Government Health Division. It is a handy fact sheet on how to ensure your organisation provides healthy meal choices.

Healthy Eating at Work Guide

This is a valuable resource from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety that offers a comprehensive case for focussing on healthy eating in the workplace along with helpful advice on how to go about it.

Setting up a Breakfast Bar

This is a poster from the British Heart Foundation that details how your organisation can help your employees start the day healthfully.

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Healthy Ireland has rounded up some of the first steps you can take to make a difference to your overall health by eating well. It includes tips for kids through to adults and advice on cooking healthy meals and losing …